Precancer of the vulva

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Current treatment options in oncology 3 2: If there is only a small chance of your VIN returning, your specialist may discharge you into the care of your GP. November 3, Last Revised: So, most women do not know they have it. If you have symptoms or your doctor thinks you might have VIN, you will be sent for tests. Fasting before a blood test might actually be harmful.

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It takes several years for noticeable symptoms to develop.

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Symptoms of VIN can include itching, pain, tingling or burning in the vulva, changes to the way your skin looks around your vulva and pain during sex. The mons pubisthe rounded area in front of the pubic bones. If usual-type VIN changes to squamous cell carcinoma, it becomes the basaloid or warty subtype. Up to 24 percent of vulvar cancers will eventually come back. Genital HPV infection — Fact sheet. What's happening near you? You will have regular follow-up visits, usually every few months.

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precancer of the vulva
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precancer of the vulva
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