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Caught jerking off by masseuse who showed up early pt. The storyline is slight, there's too much pointless filler, and the jokes consistently miss the mark. Chuck Vincent's blithely silly'n'sophomoric script offers loads of hopelessly dumb and dated jokes about such things as Billy Carter, pot brownies, O. Note the teens in this film were still legally drinking beer. But given the writer that makes sense. The Cheerleader's Wild Weekend is forgettable at least, I've forgotten it. For some strange reason I have now sat through practically all of these 70's cheerleader movies.

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Nothing like a film that has the words "Cheerleaders" and "Beach Party" in it to appeal the the teen movie crowd.

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There is nudity in this movie but it is kinda sparse. And while the cast is moderately attractive, there's nowhere near as much skin as you might otherwise expect in a movie with such a tawdry-sounding title. Do You Love Alternative Cheerleaders In most of the scenes were someone is topless they usually have there back to the camera or in a dark scenes. Simpson, and even pubic lice don't ask that are never exactly laugh out loud funny, yet still elicit a smile or two due to the affably inane context they are presented in the unintentionally gut-busting low point definitely occurs when several folks participate in a hysterically lame group sing along of "House of the Rising Sun". Sexy horny cheerleaders go lesbian.

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trailer videos of cheerleaders having wild sex
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  1. But she is still such a good actress. I am fed up of seeing slim young women pretending to be moms to guys who look the same age! Love Margo S, Rachel S, Bridgette L, Sally DA, Keilani l=as they all look convincing?