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Weird and quite unique are the words that spring to mind after seeing "The Naked Kiss". England football team Rio Ferdinand feared England team would be killed after World Cup elimination The so-called 'golden generation' of were knocked-out of the competition on penalties at the quarter-final stage. Starting out as a prostitution parable, the film wanders in every direction imaginable, from "Miracle Worker" style humanitarian melodrama to sensationalized ham, and the tone of the film suffers because of it. For a movie that's daring stuff. Completely dreadful and just short of totally campy. The kissing scenes will be on in a few weeks and we're both going to watch it together.

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You really need to experience this film in all of its cornball melodramatics to know what I'm talking about here.

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From what I've read, the studios found the material in "The Naked Kiss" to be a tad on the heinous side, and re-edited Fuller's film to the point where he didn't even want his name in the credits. Mainstream Hollywood loves the shiny parts of those subcultures, the random encounters, sexy young things and "pimps up, hos down" trappings of that darkness. Fuller pulls no punches and the result is a satisfying kick to the groin which shocks the senses but leaves the viewer hoping for more, though he may not understand a lick of it. I thought the movie was excellent in the fact that it took alot of chances for Between this and Shock Corridor, Fuller cranked out a couple of fine, provocative films in this era. Despite its shortcomings, Fuller infuses it with raw energy and the film brazenly tackles subjects that were mainly taboo in films of that time.

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