The female orgasm site

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It made me want to explore what all my favorite things are and now I have words for them. Seasons 3, 4, 5 and onward will cover new research into oral sex, penis-in-vagina sex, anal stimulation, toys, male pleasure and lots more. Similarly to solo-sex, no one person is going to magically unlock your ability to come. On Your Desktop or Laptop. There are vague, clinical words like stimulate and vague, pop-culture words like fingering and rubbing. With actual, relatable women who love almost opposite techniques. Never underestimate the power of shared experiences, techniques, and fantasies and their ability to shower the Internet with unbridled sex-ed and enough knowledge about orgasms to make your head spin.

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For many, foreplay and clitoral stimulation are essential.

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A frank, educational, instructional website about female sexuality? OMGYes!

Butt Stuff 7 helpful anal sex tips you have to know. In addition to showing you the eroticism of the female orgasm, we also describe it with the aid of videos and photographs. Business Development biz omgyes. The payment processor paypal, for instance is the only one that gets the personal card info and only during the transaction. Ways of bringing OMGYes up to your partner that worked really well for our early users:. We can easily look up reliable information about almost anything - but it's hard to find accurate information about the details of women's pleasure.

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the female orgasm site
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the female orgasm site
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