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BBK has sex with Cindy before killing her, and skullfucks Ben after killing him. She fell a laughing very confidently, and said, That's prettily said, I vow! While she is undoubtedly a villain, her relationships with Destiny and others are used to humanize her. It's this, combined with his abusive nature towards Orel, that causes Stopframe to ultimately reject him. Surely you must agree that identical bisexual twins are God's most perfect creation. Orlando Jordan had this gimmick in TNA. A Double Shot at Love.

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Japanese comedy wrestlers like Otoko SakariDanshiko Dino and Michael Nakazawa have this gimmick, augmented by their custom to wrestle in thongs.

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Ikki Twins

However, a deleted scene shows him choosing Nala to be his queen and get rather excited at the thought of making "little Scars" with her. I guess they're okay-looking. The necromancer-villain of Deborah Turner Harris's Mages of Garillon series, Borthen Berigeld, almost certainly physically as well as morally seduced a secondary antagonist character Mage-Inquisitor Earlis ap Eadric into his service; though it's never explicitly confirmed, the character's behaviour—even to the point of turning upon Berigeld when he sees the necromancer later bedding a woman—is note-perfectly that of a mesmerized and then betrayed lover. He's completely serious about it, even asking Sandalphon if he is a virgin in Japanese before their fight. Has two sons and attempts to rape the protagonist in the climax. Only later was the character made a Depraved Bisexual, with the actress herself being well aware of the stupidity. I don't feel adequate, thinking I'm a monster in disguise

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