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Her one remaining breast a story for another day is broiled, and then the truly unspeakable stuff happens. They talked on Facebook and texted for a while before she finally came over, clearly with the intent of hooking up. Needless to say, he was freaked out and ran to clean off, while she ran out of his house, humiliated. She begins by asking him to put them in her, fool around and take them out. To finish Augustine off, the men cut off her ears, burn her nostrils, pour burning wax in her eyes, hang her by the hair, tie stones to her feet, and drop her. As she ripped apart the glossy mag and tossed it into the flames she ranted:

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Every couple of seconds, tap tap tap.

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We were on her bed, ripping off each other's clothes. Her throat is cut open and her tongue pulled out the hole, which the men have a good laugh about. I was totally into it, and started reciprocating. Wielding a scalpel, the Duc de Blangis shoves his hand into Augustine's vagina and slices through the partition between her birth canal and anus. When the man arrived for his sexual encounter, he went about sniffing all his partner's unwashed holes, then licked them clean, between bouts of being whipped rotten with the crap-and-urine soaked whips. Yet to underestimate his nimble, villainous mind would be a grave mistake.

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outrages anal stories
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